Our Projects

Our Projects

ProSCAN Product Scanning System

Supply Package:

  • ProSCAN light curtain (manufactured by “NVP ASKOM,” Ukraine) for measurements.
  • UNICON32 controller (manufactured by “NVP ASKOM,” Ukraine).
  • Operator’s touchscreen graphic panel (type and manufacturer to be chosen based on customer preferences).

Automation Object: Automatic painting chamber “Venjakob” (4 units) with CNC5000 replacement.

Key Functions of the System:

  • Determining the workpiece position on the conveyor belt.
  • Generating control signals for the spray nozzles based on scanning data and specified operating modes.
  • Data collection and processing of the electro-automation status of the spraying chamber.
  • Generating control signals for the electro-automation of the spraying chamber.
  • Visualization of scanning results.
  • Setting working parameters.
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