Our Projects

Our Projects

Non-contact workpiece scanner and flat grinding machine control system

Consists of:

  • Non-contact workpiece scanner
  • UniCon32 Logic Controller
  • Samkoon Operator Touch Panel

The main task of the control system is to activate the grinding belt pressure shoes when the workpiece approaches them, but only in areas where the workpiece is present.

The non-contact capacitive scanner determines the width, position, and shape of the workpiece moving along the conveyor axis. The scanning step is 5 mm. The scanning results data is transmitted to the logic controller.

The programmable UniCon32 logic controller is equipped with the necessary number of expansion modules, which allow processing data from sensors on the machine and generating control signals for the executive mechanisms according to the programmed algorithm.

The operator touch panel displays the current status of the machine elements and enables setting the machine’s operating parameters.

Main technical parameters:

  • Workpiece scanning width – 1300 mm
  • Workpiece scanning step – 5 mm
  • Number of processed input discrete signals – 48
  • Number of transistor output signals used for controlling the operation of the pressure shoes – 32
  • Number of relay output signals used for controlling the machine’s executive mechanisms – 32
  • Color touchscreen operator panel with a diagonal of 7 inches.
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