Our Projects

Our Projects

Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturing Line Control System

The Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturing Line Control System comprises the following components:

  • Line visualization system implemented on a PC.
  • Node winding visualization system executed on an operator’s touchscreen panel.
  • Multiple controllers integrated into various power cabinets along the line (manufactured by VIPO).
  • A software package for PCs, controllers, and the operator’s touchscreen panel.

The fiber optic cable manufacturing line consists of several individual units. The operation of these units is controlled through three control cabinets, each equipped with its own Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). One of the cabinets features a comprehensive visualization system for monitoring the entire line, while the cabinet controlling the winding unit is equipped with an operator’s touchscreen panel.

The PLCs, visualization system, and operator panel are interconnected through a fieldbus, enabling the transmission of information about the status of all line components, as well as the operating parameters of the units and aggregates within the line.

The control system manages the operation of:

  • Pay-off unit.
  • Extruder heaters.
  • Cooling system.
  • Servo drives.
  • Insulation quality control unit.
  • Tensioning device.
  • Winding unit.

The PC-based visualization system with a touchscreen monitor displays the current system status and allows for parameter adjustments. It offers the flexibility to choose from predefined line operation programs (recipes). Additionally, it maintains an archive of fault signals and temperature sensor trend data.

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