Our Projects

Our Projects

Control system for the four-sided profile milling machine “HARBS”

The control system consists of the following components:

  •  Control console: It has a special design that allows the machine operator to move it to a convenient position. The console includes a PC with touchscreen control and specialized software that displays the current status of the machine components, allows setting machine operation modes, and enables control in both automatic and manual modes. The control console can be connected to a barcode scanner, facilitating automatic machine reconfiguration based on pre-defined parameters and the part code.
  • Power cabinet: It contains all the necessary power elements (starters, frequency converters, power supplies, automatic switches, etc.) required to supply power to the machine components. The power cabinet also includes the UniCon32 PLC, which performs machine control based on the programmed instructions.

The company’s specialists have carried out the following tasks to restore the machine’s functionality:

  • Developed the electrical schematics for the power cabinet and operator console.
  • Assembled the UniCon32 PLC with the necessary configuration to ensure the machine’s operation.
  • Assembled the power cabinet and operator console, which includes a PC with a touchscreen monitor.
  • Developed the software for the PLC and operator console.
  • Performed the installation and connection of all machine components.
  • Completed commissioning works.

The machine control system enables rapid positioning of the executive mechanisms to pre-defined positions according to the technological process for processing parts. This minimizes the time required to reconfigure the machine from one part to another, which is crucial for the production of small-batch products.

The PLC includes the following modules:

  • Power supply module: Provides the necessary voltages (DC24V) for the entire system’s operation.
  • CPU module: Processes input signals and generates output signals through appropriate expansion modules based on the programmed instructions. It receives operation parameters via ModBusRTU network and controls the frequency converters.
  • DC24V discrete signal processing modules (3 units): Equipped with the necessary circuits to input discrete signals into the CPU through optical isolation. Each module allows connection of 16 discrete signals.
  • AC220V discrete signal processing module: Equipped with the necessary circuits for inputting discrete signals into the CPU through optical isolation. This module allows the connection of up to 16 discrete signals.
  • Thermistor temperature sensor processing module for motors: Allows the connection of 24 thermistor temperature sensors.
  • SSI bus absolute encoder processing modules (2 units): Each module enables the connection of 3 absolute encoders via the SSI protocol to the CPU.
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