Our Projects

Our Projects

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) System for Machine Tool Modernization

The CNC controller includes the following components:

  • Power supply module, converting DC24V voltage to the required voltage for all controller elements.
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU), processing commands from the operator panel and executing them according to the programmed algorithm through other controller modules.
  • RS-485 expansion board, enabling ModbusRTU protocol implementation for communication with other devices.
  • Axis control module, managing the operation of 3 servo drives based on commands received from the CPU.
  • Speed control signal (0 – 10V) for the drive.
  • Position feedback signal: incremental encoder, ABZ signals.
  • Each axis control channel features galvanic isolation for all input and output signals.
  • Input/output modules for discrete signals. Specifically designed for this machine to allow easy connection of external input and output modules, minimizing modifications to the electrical system. These modules handle discrete input signals and generate control output signals based on commands received from the CPU. All channels have optical isolation.

The versatile modular CNC system based on the UniCon32 controller allows for retrofitting existing equipment or building control systems for new machinery, meeting any customer requirements.

Capabilities: The modularity of the system enables assembling a CNC system with the necessary number of digital and analog inputs/outputs, supporting communication with external devices through standard interfaces (RS232, RS485, RS422, CAN, Ethernet), handling various types of feedback sensors, and controlling the motion of coordinates with both analog signals and fieldbus data communication.

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