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Our Projects

CNC System for the Woodworking Machine MAKА SE-27-CNC-DS

Automation Object: Specialized Woodworking Center for Simultaneous Processing of Door Leaf Hinges and Locks – MAKА SE-27-CNC-DS.

Supply Package:

  • Two UniCon32 controllers.
  • Operator console.

Installation and commissioning works have been completed. The CNC software is adapted to the tasks performed by the machine.

Control system description:

The operator console includes a workstation based on a PC, a 19-inch touchscreen monitor, a moisture-resistant metal keyboard with a trackball, power automation buttons, and signal lamps.

The operator console allows inputting and editing program texts from the keyboard, USB drive, or receiving them via Ethernet. During machine operation, the monitor displays information about the executed command, positions, and status of the machine components. The operator can input system working parameters, tool size, start and stop program execution, adjust current program execution speed on each side, and more using the operator console.

Through a separate Ethernet channel, the operator console sends control commands to the CNC controllers and receives feedback on the system’s status.

Each CNC controller includes:

  • Power supply module, converting DC24V voltage to the required voltage for all controller elements.
  • CPU module, processing commands from the operator panel and executing them through other controller modules according to the programmed algorithm. It also includes an expansion board processing and generating analog signals and an RS-485 expansion board to implement ModBus-RTU protocol for communication with other devices.
  • Axis control module, controlling the operation of 3 servo drives based on commands from the CPU module. It provides speed control signal for the drive (0 – 10 V) and feedback on position through an incremental encoder with ABZ signals. Each axis control channel has galvanic isolation for all input and output signals.
  • Input/output modules for discrete signals. Specifically designed for this machine, enabling connection of external input and output modules with minimal changes to the machine’s electrical automation scheme. These modules process discrete input signals and generate control output signals according to commands from the CPU module. All channels have optical isolation.
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