Our Projects

Our Projects

Cardboard Manufacturing Machine Control System

Specialists from NPP ASCOM LLC have successfully undertaken the development, assembly, and commissioning of a control system for a cardboard manufacturing machine.

The control system includes the following components:

1. Machine operation visualization system in the control room: Displaying the machine’s status and enabling control through a set of seven monitors connected to the visualization system.

2. Operator panels for visualization and control of individual machine units: Positioned near specific units and aggregates, with a total of 10 panels used in the production process. Weintek operator panels were employed for this purpose.

3. Programmable logic controllers (PLCs): The control system is divided into functional sections, including PLCs for drive control, control and measurement devices, pumps and motors, steam condensate systems, oil stations, embossing control, and glue pressing. The entire control system manages and processes approximately 4,000 discrete and analog signals, governing the machine’s operations.

4. Direct current (DC) drive cabinets: Control of the DC drives is implemented using Control Techniques production drivers. The system comprises 20 DC drives, and their operation requires synchronization.

5. Alternating current (AC) drive cabinets: The machine incorporates 11 AC drives, and their rotational speed needs to be synchronized. Control of the AC drives is accomplished using ABB and Lenze frequency converters.

6. Control cabinets for pumps, valves, and distributors: The machine includes over 100 asynchronous motors, numerous pneumatic and hydraulic valves and distributors, electro-pneumatic transducers, proportional hydraulic valves, and other mechanisms requiring electrical control and power distribution.

7. Control cabinets, PLCs, and operator panels for the grinding department.

8. Control cabinets, PLCs, and operator panels for the paper pulp preparation department.

9. Control cabinets, PLCs, and operator panel for the paper cutting machine.

The specialists at NPP ASCOM LLC have undertaken the following tasks:

– Developed electrical diagrams.
– Assembled the power distribution cabinets according to the electrical diagrams.
– Performed cable connections and wiring for control cabinets, sensors, motors, etc.
– Conducted commissioning for the DC drives.
– Conducted commissioning for the frequency converters.
– Developed and implemented software for the PLCs.
– Developed and implemented software for the visualization system and operator panels.
– Carried out commissioning and adjustment work.
– Provided personnel training.
– Provide equipment maintenance and service.

Through their expertise and dedication, the specialists at NPP ASCOM LLC have ensured the successful implementation and ongoing support of the cardboard manufacturing machine’s control system.

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