Modular Process Controller:
Efficient Control

A process controller is an essential device that plays a crucial role in equipment operation. It is a specialized modular device responsible for generating precise output control signals for various executive mechanisms. By utilizing input signals received from sensors and other equipment devices, the process controller follows a predetermined program algorithm to ensure optimal performance and functionality. This intelligent device effectively manages and coordinates the operation of different equipment components, enabling seamless and efficient control of the entire system. With its ability to interpret and respond to real-time data, the process controller enhances the overall productivity and reliability of the equipment, making it an invaluable asset in industrial settings.

Modular Process Controller - ASCOM's Efficient Control Solution
The controller consists of the following components:

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All modules are connected using two cables with 16 and 40 conductors each. The 16-conductor cable facilitates data exchange between controller modules through two RS422 channels, while the 40-conductor cable is used to transmit power voltage to the modules. To ensure the system operates smoothly, all installed modules must be connected to these cables.

Expansion modules are assigned individual addresses set using switches on their respective boards. During manufacturing, testing, and system calibration, the following addresses have been assigned:

Discrete input signal module: 01
Discrete output signal module: 02

On the left side of the controller housing, a grounding device is provided, which needs to be connected to the grounding circuit for proper functionality and safety.

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