ProScan technical vision systems

ProScan technical vision systems


automated light curtain

ProScan light curtain system performs continuous scanning of the gap between the transmitter and receiver. Equipped with light-emitting and photosensitive diodes at an equal distance, the system ensures precise scanning steps. When an object interrupts the light beam between the transmitter and receiver, the receiver accurately detects its position and the number of blocked measurement points. The scanning data is efficiently stored in the device’s internal registers. The results of the scan are transmitted via the ModBus-RTU network according to the predefined settings.

ProScan light curtains find versatile applications, ranging from detecting objects of varying sizes to component verification, defect detection in rolled materials, and identification of flat workpieces. Discover the power of ProScan for your industrial needs.

ProScan Automated Light Curtain - Enhanced Safety and Efficiency with ASCOM
ProScan light curtain is the ultimate solution for detecting defects in rolled materials. With its advanced dual-beam technology, the ProScan light curtain allows for precise detection of defects in materials with millimeter-level accuracy. Experience unparalleled defect detection capabilities with ProScan, revolutionizing the industry standard.
Supercharge your business with ProScan light curtains! Maximize efficiency and accuracy in defect detection. Contact us to get your ProScan system now and elevate your industrial processes.

ProScan: Revolutionize Industrial Scanning with Precision and Efficiency

Experience unparalleled precision and efficiency in industrial scanning with ProScan. Our advanced system utilizes cutting-edge technology to revolutionize defect detection, ensuring optimal performance and uninterrupted operations. From detecting defects in rolled materials to verifying component presence, ProScan empowers your business with unmatched accuracy and reliability.

Maximize productivity and minimize downtime with ProScan’s innovative features and seamless integration. With millimeter-level precision, ProScan offers unrivaled scanning capabilities, providing critical insights for quality control and process optimization.

Gain a competitive edge in your industry by harnessing the power of ProScan. Contact us today to explore how ProScan can transform your scanning processes and elevate your business to new heights.

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